23 Sex Toys Reviewers Say Are Like The Real Thing

This masturbator is designed with waterproof silicone, which offers effortless cleaning before and after. It also includes a convenient charging station that also quick dries your toy between uses. FYI, the website states it takes at least 5 uses to get the hang of the Arcwave Ion, so make sure you test it thoroughly.

Promising reviews: “If I wrote this review a week ago, I would have given it 1 star. It takes a few sessions and practice to find that sweet spot but once you do… I thought my brain was going to explode. Now I just let myself go and let Ion do its thing, and it’s a long-lasting orgasm every time.” —Ron_88

“Love blowjobs? Then this is the toy for you. No toy comes close to the Ion in terms of delivering that singular feeling of someone sucking/licking the head of your cock, and it’s a great use of the air pressure tech you’re seeing in more and more sex toys. Really hoping that they make more versions of this and improve on the premise. BTW, use a lot of lube.” —NickyDubs

“Perfect for me…but understandable if it’s not for everyone. For me, I love being stimulated on the head of my penis, and that’s where Arcwave focuses the pleasure. It’s also not designed for traditional pulling-on-your-penis stimulation a la masturbating and if you prefer that, then you’re likely better off sticking with your trusty ol’ hand. With enough lube for easy and comfortable insertion, the Arcwave will feel just like there’s someone sucking and licking on the head of your penis — and who doesn’t like that?” —DJ

Get it from Wow Tech or Amazon for $199.


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