27 Best Friend Breakups Reddit


“Friends for over 30 years. I was her maid of honor, and she was mine. Godmother to my son. Through the years, we had lost a few friends to disease or accidents, and she was always the first to offer support or a helping hand to those left behind. It was one of her most endearing qualities. When I got diagnosed with cancer, things got hectic between the treatment plan, doctors’ appointments, and her living an hour away, so we didn’t get our time together. After the initial treatment, I was back to working and hanging out with her. Then, it went metastatic. I wasn’t allowed to walk for 10 weeks, awaiting femur rods surgery. I was capable other than I wasn’t allowed out of bed. My S.O., son, and close family all worked during the day. I just needed someone to check in on me during that time — someone to make sure I hadn’t fallen, could get my lunch, and had company. She wasn’t working at the time, so I offered to pay her if she could just check in on me a few days a week.”

“She seemed very reluctant and said she had just gotten a puppy that needed to be trained, she was still looking for a job, and she wanted to be home when her husband got up for work (he worked the night shift and slept all day). I understood, but even after I was mobile, she was hesitant to reach out and basically backed away further. I asked her, point blank, what I had done, and it boiled down to: I had gotten cancer. OK. I know some people can’t handle it, so I let her off the hook and didn’t try any longer. The worst part is, I hear she periodically puts things on Facebook, praying for me and saying I’m such a mountain of courage…blah, blah, blah. But, what she doesn’t know is that she’s on the ‘stay the f*ck away from my funeral’ list. Her former godson put her on it and will be enforcing it.”



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