30 Walmart Products For The Most Comfortable Backyard

Promising review: “I purchased this projector for movie nights with the kids. The unit is compact and can be easily moved from inside to outside. The battery backup is a nice feature as well allowing the kids to pay videos with their phone and stay completely cordless. We have really enjoyed playing movies on the wall inside the house and outside on a make-shift screen. The projector works best when the room is really dark. The image is bright and very clear. The projector is truly plug and play. I have attached an Amazon Firestick, Apple TV as well as an xBox to the unit. They all worked great. There are no menus to scroll through. Just plug in the HDMI cable, and the projector is on. I like to connect to a Bluetooth speaker for a sound that matches the large movie size. We watched Spiderman with the projector, Apple TV and a Bluetooth speaker and it was amazing. 

Everything is super simple. It’s easy to connect and focus the image. The keystone adjustment corrects for a warped image if the projector isn’t 100% perpendicular with the projector image. We set up the projector a little low and it angles at the wall. The keystone adjustment makes it look straight with a perfect rectangle image. It has a little tabletop tripod, USB-C charging cable with wall brick, and an HDMI cable. I didn’t know what to expect when I ordered this projector. I was nervous that the small size meant sacrificing quality. I was pleasantly surprised that the projector is so bright and sharp. Very satisfied.” —James

Price: $99.99 (originally $124.99)


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