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My colleague Jenae says it best: “Tears of the Kingdom, for those unaware, is the direct sequel to 2017’s mega hit Breath of the Wild, and it’s easily the most anticipated Nintendo Switch game this year, maybe even the past *several* years. Though story details are somewhat slim, we know that Link will take to the skies and explore the mysterious islands floating *above* Hyrule as well as return to the sprawling landscapes below, with a host of new abilities to wield for puzzle-solving, exploration, and combat. I got the chance to play over an hour of Tears of the Kingdom at a recent Nintendo event, and it’s gotten me seriously pumped for this latest Zelda adventure. Graphics- and gameplay-wise, it very much feels like Breath of the Wild, but with more freedom than ever before to manipulate the environment and get creative with how you approach, well, pretty much anything. I know I’ll be diving in on release day (May 12!) and will probably lose over 100 hours of my life to TOTK like I did with BOTW, and if you love Zelda, open-world games, and (TBH) cozy vibes, it might just be the *best* way to treat yourself this Mother’s Day. “

Preorder it from Amazon for $69.99 (releases May 12; available physically or as a digital code, which can be redeemed on the Nintendo eShop). It’s playable on any Nintendo Switch console, including Switch OLED and Switch Lite.

Psst — if you’ve been itching to get a new console lately or upgrade your current Switch model, Nintendo just released a *gorgeous* special edition of the OLED model for Tears of the Kingdom, available for $359.99!


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