50 Products That’ll Help You Nail This Parenting Thing

Have you waited on a bottle of formula to warm up at 2 a.m. while your baby’s cries escalate? Those few minutes can feel like a lifetime. Formula-feeding parents, I know you can relate. Which is why we bought this magical device so we could get a bottle of formula ready almost INSTANTLY 24/7. If I had to pick the baby item that helped me survive those first few months with a newborn this would be it. 

Promising review:This thing is a must have for anyone feeding formula. Let me reiterate…….A MUST-HAVE. Sure, you can buy the ‘traditional’ bottle warmers. And they work fine, don’t get me wrong. But if you are looking at this product, and this review, YOU know what it’s like at 4 am, screaming hungry baby, trying to make a bottle of formula and then wait 2–4 minutes for it to warm up. Oh, you pre-prepared some formula that’s in the fridge so it would be easier like we used to do? Well then you’re gonna wait longer for those old bottle warmers. Not so with this miraculous blessing of a miracle wrapped up in a modest plastic package! No sir/ma’am! Put the bottle under the dispenser, hold down the lever for two to four SECONDS, dump in your powder, shake and voila! You are feeding that hungry ridiculously loud screaming baby in more seconds. Yes, you can buy the $200–$400 machines that make your formula for you on the spot. But why? This little miracle device is $50!!! Seriously, everyone who bottle feeds formula should own one of these. The temperature is SPOT ON and it is INSTANT. Please do yourself the biggest favor ever and buy it. You will never be sorry you did.” —aigh11

Get it from Amazon for $49.99.


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