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Check out a TikTok of the foot peel in action.

With these foot mask “socks,” you just slide them onto your feet, leave them on for an hour to let the gel soak into your feet, and you should start to see the dead skin peel away within 6–11 days (with remarkably softer feet in two weeks!). 

Promising review: “Buy this. Buy it right now. You don’t even know how much you need it. Y’all. This thing is a LIFE changer. I’m not even exaggerating. On the morning of the third day, the backs of my ankles started to peel. It’s like this mask only takes off the skin that’s dead already. The reason I say it only takes off the dead skin is that the bottom of my heels peeled off in THICK potato chip chunks, and the tops of my feet peeled off in sheets thinner than paper. It really only takes off the parts that are dead and gross. So the bottom parts of your feet that take the most stress will have the most skin peel off. It took off my dead cuticles, skin between my toes (which felt weirdly incredible), all of it. But I had to go ahead and write this review because my feet feel SO great. Everything feels different on my feet. I can really feel the kitchen floor, the carpet, the inside of my shoes differently. I don’t know if my feet have ever felt this fresh for as long as I can remember. No pedicure on earth can match this feeling. I will be a forever customer of this foot mask. 10/10, I don’t understand why this isn’t on TV because I know so many people with dry feet who will LOVE this when they try it.I know it sounds dramatic y’all, but I’m so stoked to finally have pretty, fresh feeling feet!” —caitlynn lancaster

Get two pairs from Amazon for $13.51+ (available in two sizes, 11 scents and four quantities). 


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