DeSantis slams Harris as ‘impeachment insurance’ for Biden

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) attacked Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday and accused her of being President Biden’s “impeachment insurance.”

In an interview on Fox News’s “The Ingraham Angle,” DeSantis attacked Harris’s aptitude for the job of president and suggested she was the reason the House has not yet launched an impeachment inquiry.

“I also look and think about who’s waiting in the wings, with Kamala, and I think you’re right,” DeSantis, who’s running for president in 2024, told Laura Ingraham in the interview.

“In terms of the aptitude, even though she’s a lot younger, I think she’s basically been his impeachment insurance because people know, no matter how bad Biden is, nobody wants Harris, and that’s just the reality, and that’s a sad situation America find ourselves in,” DeSantis continued. 

Some House Republicans have pushed for Speaker Kevin McCarthy to hold a vote on an impeachment inquiry into Biden, as several GOP-led committees continue to investigate his family and any potential connection to the president. While Republicans have managed to get ahold of many records from Biden’s time as vice president, there has been no evidence showing any possible illegal activity on the part of the president. 

Still, several Republicans are insisting McCarthy hold a vote, putting him in a difficult spot as members come back to Washington this week and have until the end of the month to pass a continuing resolution to fund the government. 

The White House has repeatedly denied any connection between the president and his son’s business dealings, which has been at the center of some of the investigations.

“After months of investigating, House Republicans have turned up zero evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden, so if Speaker McCarthy opens an impeachment inquiry simply to throw red meat to his most extreme far-right members, it will further prove this is nothing more than an evidence-free political stunt aimed at continuing to baselessly attack the President,” a White House spokesperson told The Hill. 

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