Get a great deal on the Bissell Little Green Portable Carpet Cleaner at Walmart

“From cleaning up after our older Pomeranian who vomits often to the mud the kids track in along with spills, The Bissell Little Green Machine is a very handy cleaner to have. No one wants to lug the big carpet shampooer unless you have hours to devote to it, This cleaner is not too heavy, has a generous length of cord and has two cleaning heads, one for the nasty jobs. This made cleaning our carpeted stairs a breeze. I can see parents using this in the family car as well.” —bschank85

“This machine de-funked my stinky, 14 year old car. But yesterday, my child spilled an entire bowl of Cheerios on my sectional. A milk nightmare. Magically reversed!” —Heidi

“I absolutely love this product! It was a great purchase. I have been looking for things to clean around the house because it’s so effective, quick, and easy to use. I’ve used it on my dining chairs, carpet, car interior, and a kids chair so far. You can see an immediate difference as you’re cleaning. The stains do not have to be fresh in order to see results. The more time you spend on the stains the more results you will see. It’s easier to get progress when the area is pretty saturated with the solution and water mix. I recommend this to anyone that wants to upkeep upholstery, carpets, etc and especially to people with small children and/or pets.” —Bianca

“This was a great little machine. I used it to clean the upholstery on a used car. It got quite a bit of dirt out. It took about 24 hours to dry. It could have used a second going over. But I was pleased with the results this little machine did. I used up practically all of the water. So the water tank could be a little bigger, but it was compact enough to get inside the car and get under the seats. So the results for the effort of about an hour’s work was fine.” –t


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