11 Best Brow Gel of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

I’ll just cut to the chase and admit that I have never been a brow girl. That is until I began testing the best brow gel—or rather, until I had enough brow to properly shape, mold, and lift them.

My brow journey began in 2022, when I discovered the world of eyebrow growth serums—potent elixirs that promise to transform sparse, thin arches with consistent use. Surprise: They work! (If you have not read my full guide, I’d highly recommend.) Now that I finally had proper brows to play with, I’d finish my makeup and knew something looked off. My complexion was pore-less, my lashes were lengthened, but my brows looked meh. I dug through my beauty bag, frantically searching for something that would give my arches the oomph they deserved. Thankfully, a largely untouched tube of Jones Road brow gel that lay at the bottom of my bag came to the rescue. After just a few strokes, my brows appeared fluffy, defined, and groomed to natural-looking perfection.

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While I was surprised with the results, this was hardly news to celebrity makeup artist Sean Harris. “A brow gel is great because it can easily create structure for the brow in a few swipes,” he says, nodding to the popularity of bushy, laminated shapes in 2024. The brow queen herself, Anastasia Soare, founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills, agrees. “Fuller-looking brows are still having their moment,” she tells Vogue, “Anything that looks fluffy and feathered for that natural look. And we are also seeing the laminated look trending for a lifted and locked-in look. Brow gel is a must-have product in achieving these trends because it is so versatile.”

By definition, “[a brow gel] will help to tame unruly hairs and allow you to create your desired shape,” Soare continues. “They can be used by themselves for a minimal brow look or used as the finishing step in your routine to lock in other brow products and color.” Simply put, they help lift, shape, and set brows in place. Not to mention, they’re easy to use alone or with a brow pencil for color, and they’re “great for anyone who wants maximum payoff with minimal effort,” Soare says.


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