Santos says UAW has absolute right ‘to give everyone hell’

Auto workers who launched a massive strike on Friday have found an unexpected, but passionate ally in embattled Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y), who was infamously exposed for a series of lies about his background and finances after he was elected in 2022.

“The UAW has the absolute (right) to give everyone hell!” Santos posted on the X social media platform Friday, just hours into the ongoing strike. “I stand by the hard working folks that get shafted by the ivory tower elites.

“Pay the workers a f***g fair wage you greedy tax evading corporations!” he added, though he didn’t censor the expletive in his message.

Thousands of autoworkers are striking against the “Big Three” manufacturers — Ford, General Motors and Stellantis — after the United Auto Workers and the companies couldn’t hash out an agreement to address workers’ demands for higher wages, better retirement benefits and shorter work weeks. The companies have argued that the demands would cost too much, despite ballooning profits and executive pay.

“We are committed to winning an agreement with the Big Three that reflects the incredible sacrifice and contributions UAW members have made to these companies,” UAW President Shawn Fain said in a public address Thursday.

Santos, 35, has announced plans to seek a second term next year, despite facing multiple criminal charges, including wire fraud. He’s pled not guilty. He’s also faced ethics complaints from his colleagues.

It’s not the first time Santos has come down on the side of unions. Earlier this year, he posted a video online with a message to “national right to work folks.”

“I didn’t sign up for your garbage newsletters, so stop sending them to me,” he says to the camera before ripping a document in half.

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