Swiftie’s Fashion Guide For Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

When Taylor Swift played her last 2023 US tour date at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on August 9, I could feel everyone around me breathe a collective sigh of relief. That’s because all my fellow Swifties and I have done since the tour kicked off earlier this year is talk about it nonstop. Sorry not sorry, but when Taylor Swift tours, it’s more than a big deal. It’s my birthday, Halloween, and New Year’s all rolled into one. So when Taylor took her final stateside bow and prepared to embark on her international tour dates (much, much further from my own time zone), I felt an acute loss. Anyone who has live-streamed the concert each night from some fellow fan’s shaky iPhone, if only to catch what the night’s secret songs will be, understands my plight. There’s been something magical about this tour. Perhaps it’s Swift’s sheer stamina at performing the over-three-hour show, which ranges 44 songs from 10 albums (sometimes even in the pouring rain!), or maybe it’s the inside jokes formed not only among fans but with Taylor herself.

In fact, it seems “community” is the key element of the Eras Tour’s electricity, and Swift seems to understand that. If you thought we were saying goodbye to the Eras era, think again. Our shortlived mourning comes to a close on Friday, October 13, when Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour premieres in movie theaters nationwide. Opening night tickets have been in just as hot demand as tour dates, selling out across the country and already breaking records, so you know fans are going to turn it out. Also encouraged by an Instagram post on the star’s account, we are preparing to arrive at the theater fully decked in our Eras best.

Inspired by every single album and era in Taylor Swift’s arsenal, ahead are 127 pieces recommended by our most intense Swifties on staff for what to wear for The Eras Tour movie — from Debut-ready cowboy boots to reputation snakes, and all the sequins, sparkles, and fringing that we’ve come to expect from a TS tour. There are fan-favorite outfit DIYs for some the more budget-conscious fans, some lyric- and Easter egg-inspired looks, as well as the basic color themes that define each era. Keep reading to travel with us through each of the eras (in tour order) to see what might inspire your look. 1, 2, 3: LGB!


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