Your Beauty Routine Could Use These 34 Staples

In the progression photos above, you can see a reviewer before applying the sun milk, after applying the sun milk, and then the sun milk under makeup.

Although many reviewers say they don’t experience a white cast with this, it is an untinted mineral sunscreen — so results in terms of white cast may vary!

Not to be dramatic, but OMG — this product leaves my skin looking and feeling *SO* soft. It gives your skin an ultra smooth texture, making it the perfect SPF to lay underneath your makeup! Plus, it has a subtle, clean scent. I’ve been using this product for four months now and will absolutely continue to use it!

Promising review: “I have dark, oily skin and purchased this product after reading recommendations. There is no white cast; you can barely see it upon application unless you use too much. You definitely do not need a lot, it spreads thin. When it dries, any color is gone. It also helps slow down my face getting all greasy as the day goes on, which I love. My skin is very, very oily but I can still apply this after my moisturizer and feel totally comfortable. I’m not a fan of scents, and the scent on this is extremely mild.” —Ms. Renee

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