22 Wholesome Cooking Mistakes People Have Made


“A friend of mine was raised in China and immigrated to the US. He and his family are very dear friends. They had some fairly amazing culture shock moments. For example, the grass in front of the house they were living in had gotten long, so a neighbor asked the mom if she had a chance to ‘cut the grass.’ She smiled and nodded, went into the house, and handed scissors to the family members. The four of them went out and began to cut the grass with scissors. When the neighbor noticed, he laughed and said, ‘No, we use a machine!’ He brought his mower over and mowed their lawn.”

“So, now the cooking story: We were staying at a vacation cabin, and my friend was put in charge of making the bacon. He was handed a cast iron skillet and a pound of bacon. Then, as an afterthought, he was given a grease splatter screen.

We checked back with him a couple of minutes later, and he had dutifully peeled each piece of bacon and laid it in rows on top of the screen, which was placed on top of the cast iron skillet over a flame on the stove. He had gone to wash his hands when I checked his skillet.

We just turned the screen over to flop the bacon into the skillet and went back to the hashbrowns. When he came back, we explained how the bacon was to be cooked on the cast iron surface, and the screen kept the grease from splattering. We had a good laugh about it.”