Katy Perry’s Daughter Daisy Knows Her Mom’s Stage Name

Katy Perry may be a global superstar, chart topper, and Super Bowl halftime performer, but at home she is just “mama”—well, was. Because her and Orlando Bloom’s daughter, Daisy, started calling her by her stage name.

During a recent appearance on HSN’s The List with Debbie D, Perry said the 3-year-old recently learned her mother’s public name (Perry’s birth name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson) and began using it.

“She called me Katy Perry yesterday,” the singer said. “I was like ‘Uh uh girl, I’m mama to you.'”

The toddler doubled down, though, and reminded her the pop star of her alter ego. “She’s like, ‘You’re also Katy Perry,'” Perry continued. “I’m like, ‘Uh uh. I’m mama. Don’t you call me Katy Perry, I’m mama!'”

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Although Daisy clearly has a real grasp on the concept of a stage persona, Perry won’t be pressuring her daughter to pursue a music career. “I care about whatever she wants to do. No pressure. Just whatever makes her happy,” she said, but added that she’ll most likely be an artist of some sort. “She’ll probably be artistic in some way. She’s gonna be a leader.”

Perry celebrated Mother’s Day by bringing Daisy to the May 12 filming of American Idol, during which Perry dressed up as Cinderella for the show’s Disney Night. She also commemorated the day with an Instagram roundup of photos and videos from her pregnancy.

Katy Perry/Instagram

“Today I told my mother that the day I realized how much she loved me is the day I had my own daughter, Daisy Dove…,” she wrote. “There is nothing like a Mother’s love…never take it for granted…Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and caretakers—any way you come ♥️”