Blume’s Probiotic-Powered SuperBelly Supplement Is Back In Stock

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Blume’s gut-healthy and superfood-forward supplements and functional latte mixes have been all over my TikTok feed recently, so naturally, I had to give the brand a try for myself. I figured Blume’s probiotic-powered formulas were only touted by content creators on their social feeds for money until a friend told me they are actually a game-changer for adding some extra nutrition into your daily lineup and combatting bloat when you’re short on time or on the go.

Now that I’ve actually tried a few of Blume’s products for myself, I can confirm I stand corrected. Blume recently added a new category, SuperBelly, to its lineup, which sold out just days after launching.

Blume SuperBelly Gut-Building Hydration Powder

Fortunately, the gut-healthy and hydration-boosting packets are finally back in stock in all three flavors: strawberry hibiscus, acai pomegranate, and lemon ginger (my favorite!). The SuperBelly powder elixir packets are packed with a blend of good-for-ingredients, including prebiotics from inulin, trace minerals for rapid and sustained hydration, and fermented apple cider vinegar (without the vinegar taste!) for gut and digestive support.

Obviously, SuperBelly is a supplement, so they’re formulated to replace whole food nutrition, but they come in clutch when you’re traveling, your diet isn’t as clean as you’d like, or you need to give your gut a little TLC.


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