Rosalía Is Officially Dior’s Newest Global Brand Ambassador

At this point in Rosalía’s career, nobody is surprised that she keeps racking up achievements. Today, she is adding yet another one to her list, and it’s a very special one. Dior has just named Rosalía as the house’s newest global ambassador and face of a new Lady Dior campaign, the bag that Lady Di popularized. She’s become the first Spanish woman to get such a distinction from the firm.

The French house announced the news on May 15, writing: “A visionary presence now woven into the House’s legacy, new Dior Ambassador Rosalía emerges as an icon of modern femininity in creations by Maria Grazia Chiuri. Displaying innate grace and playful charm, she showcases her compelling elegance with striking contemplation.”

Collier Schorr/Courtesy of Dior

Rosalía’s first Dior campaign was photographed by Collier Schorr, who, according to the brand, has chosen to explore both the spontaneity of color and the regal intensity of black and white within an intimate framework. “Unveiled in alluringly shadowed portraits by Collier Schorr, her natural singularity and magnetic aura shine forth in each timeless ensemble.”

Rosalía in her first Lady Dior campaign

Collier Schorr/Courtesy of Dior