Jesse Watters Has a Bizarre New Explanation for Trump’s Courtroom Naps

Donald Trump—who dozed off on the first day of his criminal hush-money trial in New York last month and has since been closing his eyes often for extended periods of time during the proceedings—is actually not sleeping, but “meditating,” Fox News host Jesse Watters tried to argue Wednesday.

In the latest instance of Watters defending the indicted former president, the co-host of The Five told his colleagues that Trump doesn’t really care about coming off as tired—even though his team lashed out at reports they claimed were false on the trial’s first day.

“He’s meditating. He’s in a meditative state,” Watters insisted. “When you’re defensive about something, you avoid something. Trump’s not defensive of being old and tired. He can shut his eyes and not feel bad about it like Sleepy Joe.”

Watters, of course, has taken Trump’s side when it comes to seemingly everything regarding his criminal trial. When it got underway in April, he sowed doubt about whether there was a fair jury. The following week, he fretted about how the temperature of the courtroom was just so cold that “they’re freezing him to death!”

Watters wasn’t the only cable news host who has weighed in on what Trump’s periodic eye closing is all about.

MSNBC anchor Lawrence O’Donnell figured it was Trump’s way of trying to make his initial snooze not look so bad.

“There is the eye closing, which he now does about ten minutes into the proceeding, and I think he’s doing that to try to prove to us that he’s actually not sleeping because it’s only 9:40 a.m.,” he said after attending Monday’s proceedings. “But the eyes are closed for extended periods of time, the head starts to tilt.”

On Thursday, Trump’s defense team is expected to continue their cross-examination of Michael Cohen.