11 Best Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupes, Tested & Reviewed by Editors 2024

Another pick from Arabian-based perfume brand, Lattafa, this gorgeous-looking perfume is quickly becoming a favorite among TikTokers. This perfume was designed to give off a light and refreshing scent that accentuates one of its key notes, white musk. “This fragrance gives me the perfect combo of feminine and floral vibes without smelling sugary sweet,” says Shauna. “With the first whiff, you’ll get engulfed in a mist of fresh citrus, which then quickly dries down to a more subtle musky scent on the skin. IMO, it’s a great alternative for the OG, with a similar, not exact fragrance.

  • Pros: Beautiful bottle design, The scent is long-lasting
  • Cons: Some reviewers note the fragrance isn’t too strong
  • Key Notes: White musk, saffron, lemon, white flowers, jasmine, cedar, resin, fir resin
  • Sizes: 3.4 oz for $17

TikTok Customer Review by user Beautybybriannap: “This is a very clean fragrance; it gives the same initial DNA as Baccarat. It’s not super sweet, it’s very musky..this is a very grown woman. It is not an exact dupe because it doesn’t have super sweetness; however, mixing it with something super sweet will give you that exact Baccarat feel.”