The Mandela Effect : Throughline : NPR

For nearly thirty years, the South African government held a man it initially labeled prisoner number 46664, the anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela. But in 1994, Mandela transformed from the country’s ‘number one terrorist’ into its first Black president, ushering in a new era of democracy. Today, though, many in South Africa see Mandela’s party, the ANC, as corrupt and responsible for the country’s problems. It’s an ongoing political saga, with all sides attempting to weaponize parts of the past – especially Nelson Mandela’s legacy. On today’s episode, we tell Mandela’s story: the man, the myth, and the cost of freedom.


Sean Jacobs, professor of international affairs at The New School.

Tshepo Moloi, senior lecturer in the Department of History at the University of Johannesburg.

Sisonke Msimang, author of The Resurrection of Winnie Mandela.

Richard Stengel, collaborated with Nelson Mandela on his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom

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