MOMS Act is truly pro-life, for mother and child

Ahead of Mother’s Day, Republican Senators Katie Britt (Ala.), Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Kevin Cramer (N.D.) introduced the More Opportunities for Moms to Succeed (MOMS) Act to provide critical support to women and families. This bill will assist women during typically challenging phases of motherhood, including pregnancy, postpartum and early childhood development.

As a mom myself, I’ve experienced the joy and the challenges of early motherhood. In those younger years, there are so many questions, so many sleepless nights and so much change that occurs for mother and child. I know this firsthand, as I needed help and support to navigate pregnancy and get a stable footing postpartum.

All women deserve that critical support, and that’s where the MOMS Act comes in.

The MOMS Act aims to connect pregnant, postpartum and parenting mothers across the country to the critical resources and support they need to meet their goals and succeed. It also ensures that women don’t feel pressured to abort their children due to lack of access to lifeline resources.

According to one survey, an astonishing 60 percent of women who have had an abortion say they would have preferred to give birth if they had received either more emotional support or more financial security. So many times, I’ve heard women who’ve experienced abortion say the words “what if?” “What if I had the support and resources to raise a child? What if I could afford to have prenatal care?”

No woman should ever have to utter those words.

From financial and emotional support to medical care, the MOMS Act’s multifaceted approach will help mothers and children to thrive.  

The bill establishes a dot-gov website, which will serve as a one-stop shop for any mother to access pregnancy, postpartum and early childhood resources in her area based on zip code. Can you believe that, right now, no such government site even exists? Moms should have these resources in one easy-to-access spot, and not have to scour the four corners of the internet for vital information.

Unfortunately, there have already been intentional, dangerous lies disseminated by left-wing social media influencers, including the chair of the Democratic National Committee. They know better, but they have chosen to play partisan politics instead of prioritizing the best interests of women, children and families. No, there is no registry of pregnant women under development. There is no tracking of pregnant women. And there is no database of pregnant women – this is a database of resources for pregnant women.

This site will also house federal funding opportunities available for non-profit and health care entities that provide pregnancy support, allowing organizations to focus on caring for women, rather than on how they are going to pay their expenses.

To that end, the MOMS Act will also create new grant programs to support organizations that serve mothers. The first program will support an existing network of pregnancy resource centers, a lifeline that millions of women have already relied on when facing unexpected pregnancies.

The network of more than 3,000 pregnancy centers strives to ensure that no mother is alone or without the necessary resources to raise her child. That typically involves financial support, parenting education, career and housing assistance; essential items such as clothing, diapers, car seats and cribs; and more. And in 2022, over 10,000 licensed medical staff and volunteers provided medical services, including more than half a million free ultrasounds.

The second grant program will come alongside expecting and postpartum moms by strengthening prenatal and postnatal care in rural or medically underserved areas, via telehealth appointments and by making available equipment such as pulse-ox monitors, blood pressure monitors, and other items.

The MOMS Act will also require every state to let mothers receive child support for their babies throughout pregnancy if they request it. No expectant mother should have to carry the full financial responsibility of raising a child all by herself. As we all know, bills for baby start coming in when you’re pregnant, not just after birth.

Every part of the MOMS Act works together so that women are supported at every stage and in every way during pregnancy and the early years of motherhood.

Congress should act quickly to pass this bill and build upon the current safety-net that exists to serve women in need.

We have to push back on the lie that women must choose between motherhood and a successful life. Women who feel pressured to make this choice should know that they are not alone — no matter their circumstances, there is a community eager to walk with them. Women need to hear that they are strong and capable of carrying and raising a child, rather than being fed a message that abortion is their only option.

In Washington, it’s rare that everyone agrees over policy, but I hope everyone agrees that all women and children deserve love and a beautiful life, no matter their situation or background. Let’s empower every mom with the support, resources, and encouragement she needs to be the best version of herself and the best mother she can be. This is the kind of bill that should bring both sides of the aisle together. The MOMS Act is key in building a safety net and promoting a culture of life in our nation to champion women and support their families.

This legislation is truly pro-life, for both mother and child.

Marjorie Dannenfelser is the president of SBA Pro-Life America. 

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