5 Nutritionists & Naturopaths On What You Will Never Find In Their Fridge

Spring often brings a deluge of toxic messaging around “summer body prep”—instead, we prefer to focus on keeping your body strong and well-nourished. Here, five nutritionists and naturopaths tell Vogue the foods they always steer clear of, from surprising ultra-processed foods to to diet items.

Processed deli meats. The reason? They contain nitrites, which are known to have a negative impact on health.

Industrial fruit juices. Not only are they guaranteed to spike blood sugar levels, but they also have almost no nutritional value.

Processed convenience foods. If you’re crunched for time, choose organic frozen fish with organic frozen vegetables—not something you don’t know the composition of.

Packaged puddings. They’re ultra-processed and contain additives that do terrible damage to our microbiota and increase chronic inflammation. It’s so easy to make homemade versions with real ingredients.

0% fat yogurts. Paradoxically, consuming diet products is the best way to gain weight. They are often sweeter (to compensate for the lack of fat), while “sugar-free” versions are loaded with artificial sweeteners. Instead, try greek yogurt.

Butter. I’m not anti-butter, but I prefer ghee or healthy oils.

Cows’ milk yogurts. At least the ones from supermarkets, which are inflammatory and acidifying. They contain cow milk proteins (such as casein) and lactose, which can be difficult to digest for some people and lead to inflammatory reactions. I’ve seen a real difference in my skin and digestion after cutting them out. I’ve replaced them with plant-based yogurts and compotes.

Margarine. This butter substitute has no nutritional benefits whatsoever. Vegetable oils are disastrous for the planet and for our health, and most commercial margarines contain both trans fats (known to increase cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease) and hydrogenated vegetable oils. Instead, I use real sources of fat such as butter, ghee, and coconut, olive, or nut oils.

Industrial fruit juices. These are often full of added sugar and lack the beneficial fiber found in whole fruit. They can also cause blood sugar levels to spike throughout the day, which can have consequences for our weight and energy levels.

Processed convenience foods. They’re too high in salt and bad fats. I prefer to have plenty of vegetables in my fridge to snack on.