UGG GoldenGlow Sandals Review: Teen Vogue Tries

Turns out there’s no better way to usher in New York City spring than with a pair of bright pink sandals — and a fresh pedicure courtesy of the phenomenal Tenoverten salon in FiDi. I tested the GoldenGlow sandals in Mangosteen — a gorgeous purply pink that reads more bright pink in the sunshine. I’m often a sandals skeptic; New York is ferocious on your feet, and rats have scurried across my phalanges too often for me to be blissfully open-toed. Still, these UGG sandals are chunky enough to feel substantially protective while still allowing the appendages to breathe, plus they’re adjustable at every part of the shoe.

The GoldenGlows are, in a couple of words, extremely cushy — nice for shorter trips, park days, etc., though perhaps less great for big walking days or lots of up-and-down subway treks. The squishiness means your knees will do more stability work, which, hey, if you’ve got great knees, enjoy that sh*t!

The color is a dream, and the chunkiness is ideal. I love an all-black summer fit, to which a statement shoe can be a perfect finishing touch. But I also found myself embracing the adventurousness of the color to be more adventurous in other aspects of my outfits: boxers, tanks, tighter floral skirts. It brightened my mood just to gaze upon them.

Aiyana Ishmael, Associate Editor