17 Thoughts We Had While Watching the First Episode of ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3

It’s our favorite time of the year: Bridgerton day! We’ve waited longer than ever for the Season 3 premiere of Netflix’s saucy hit show, which is sure to keep us chained to our couches this weekend.

So, what can we say so far? We’ve seen lots of ball gowns, hot people, and tons of flowers. Read our recap of Bridgerton Season 3, Episode 1, right here.

  1. Irene Kim: Love the Season 3 appearance of Anthony and Kate! Is this what we would have gotten if Regé-Jean Page hadn’t left? Poor Phoebe D, she really deserved more screen time.
  2. Florence O’Connor: Who is this new girl, Francesca? Is she meant to be Phoebe Dynevor’s sister? I thought all of her sisters were, like, 12.
  3. IK: Penelope’s dress is so pretty in the opening scenes—the yellow looks amazing with her red hair. She’s giving “Garden of Time”; someone get her to the Met Gala!
  4. FO: Okay, Colin got so cute but he is kind of giving me the ick with all of these pick-up lines.
  5. IK: The unbuttoned collar seems a bit risky for the 18th century, or whenever this took place. Very slutty.
  6. IK: Not Eloise hanging out with the annoying blonde girl that’s mean! I don’t want the girls to be fighting! Just go be friends with Penelope again.
  7. FO: All pregnant people should watch Bridgerton. It gives major baby names inspo.
  8. IK: CRESSIDA is her name! Evil! I hate her.
  9. FO: We are getting some crazy looks watching Bridgerton in a conference room at 11:30 am on a Thursday—people don’t appreciate how hard we are working!
  10. IK: Is saying “priv-acy” with a soft “I” a British thing? Or an old-timey thing?
  11. IK: One thing about the Bridgerton cast is that they don’t have Botox—or if they do, it’s very minimal, because their facial reactions be reaction-ing.
  12. FO: I feel like I should have rewatched the old seasons in preparation for this. I’ve forgotten all of their back stories.
  13. IK: Were Francesca and Eloise always the same age? Why are they making their debuts at the same time?
  14. FO: Pop off, Penelope! An absolute queen in green!
  15. IK: “She is colder now” is a great way to say she’s dead. Very classy.
  16. FO: Jonathan Bailey is so hot.
  17. IK: Colin sucks!