Seth Meyers Revels in Lauren Boebert’s Courthouse Humiliation

Former president Donald Trump is not allowed to publicly complain about his ongoing trial without risking a gag order violation, so Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and a clown car of Republican suck-ups flew to Manhattan Thursday to aid his defense.

After sitting through hours of the proceedings, she attempted to give an impassioned speech outside the courthouse, only to be drowned out by a sea of heckling New Yorkers who got creative rather than sticking with the tried and true “boos” often used to disrupt public addresses.

They chanted “Beetlejuice!” at Boebert, referring to the 2023 scandal where she was kicked out of a public theater for vaping and groping her date—all of which was caught on camera.

“Don’t say it three times!” joked Late Night host Seth Meyers. “It’s a sign of how insane our politics are that protesters are shouting the word ‘Beetlejuice’ at a member of Congress, and we all know what it means.”

Meyers noted how none of Boebert’s colleagues seemed to care about how her speech went down, quietly leaving her to deal with the angry crowd on her own. He gave his impression of what her fellow congressmen might’ve been saying to each other: “‘Dude, you’re not gonna help her out?’ ‘Oof, it’s Lauren’s turn, let’s get the fuck out of here.’”

Meyers also reveled in the absurdity of Boebert not only giving a speech outside the courthouse, but spending the entire day inside.

“Surprised she hasn’t been kicked out yet,” Meyers said. “I mean, if you’re gonna get handsy during a performance of Beetlejuice the Musical, I can’t imagine how turned on you’d get for a ‘hush money to a porn star’ trial.”

The Late Night host finished off with a scathing condemnation of all the GOP figures who showed up in New York on Thursday: “This is how much the GOP has debased itself. They spent years lecturing the rest of us about family values, and now they’re flocking to the criminal trial of an ex-president, so they can stand there while the porn star he paid off describes what was, by her own admission, some of the worst sex of her life.”