Your Horoscope This Week: May 21 to 27, 2023

Welcome to Gemini Season! After a tumultuous era of eclipses and a healing Taurus New Moon, the cosmic climate significantly lightens up this week. This week is relatively chill, astrologically speaking, but now that Mars, the planet of action, is in the fiery sign of Leo for the next six weeks, many of us will feel like we’re entering a bolder and more courageous phase of our lives. This is the time to be like iconic Leo J.Lo and step into main character energy. Let your light shine!

This is also Jupiter’s first full week in the sign of Taurus, and since the energy of the Taurus New Moon will continue to be felt until the end of the month, it’s an ideal week for setting your new moon intentions. Get crystal-clear about where you see yourself six months from now, around October 28, when the Taurus lunar eclipse will strike.

Instead of trying to accomplish all your goals at once, Jupiter in Taurus, combined with the Sun’s new position in Gemini, wants you to pace yourself. Take things step by step, and breath by breath. Imagine yourself already achieving what your inner child has been dreaming of. 

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Aries Sun & Rising:

Aries, how are you feeling now that Jupiter’s no longer in your zodiac sign? This first week of Gemini Season encourages you to check in with your feelings, especially if you’ve been focused on your career these past few weeks. What lessons have you learned from the planet of abundance spending a year in your sign? How much have you grown? You’ll continue to feel the influence of Jupiter’s luck for the next 12 years, so set intentions that help you clarify your goals.

Your planetary ruler Mars is now in your fellow Fire sign Leo for the next six weeks, so you’ll still feel in your element as we round out the month. Your sector of fate, adventure, and true love is lit up by Mars in Leo, making this an ideal week to say yes to dates or to take yourself out on one. Once the moon enters Virgo this weekend, you’ll be more introverted and focused on self-care, so keep your weekend schedule light. 

Taurus Sun & Rising:

This is the first full week of Jupiter in your sign, Taurus. Last week’s new moon in your sign gave you a preview of what the next 12 months have in store. This week, you’ll start to feel more confident and sure of yourself due to this lunar energy, but since Mars, the planet of action, is in Leo, it’s squaring off (creating astrological friction) with Jupiter in Taurus. This could make you feel more restless and impatient. Find ways to nurture yourself under the Cancer moon Monday through Wednesday

Wednesday through Friday, the moon in Leo activates your sector of roots and the past, which might lead to family drama or misunderstandings suddenly popping up. Be very careful of the words you say around this time, or else you could end up burning bridges. If you need to blow off steam, go to a hot yoga session or spend some time in the sauna releasing toxins from your body and mind.

This weekend’s Virgo moon proves to be restorative and healing for you. You’re in the mood to simplify your lifestyle and work smarter, rather than harder. You may be inspired to take part in spring cleaning as a way to purify your environment. 

Gemini Sun & Rising:

Gemini, as the week begins, the Cancer moon lights up your sector of money and self-esteem. Use Monday through Wednesday to create a financial game plan for yourself these next six months. The Cancer moon harmonizes well with Jupiter in Taurus, and since the recent Taurus new moon highlighted your spirituality sector, a lot of your financial well-being will be tied to how well you take care of your spiritual needs. A meditative journaling sesh can provide you with the wisdom needed to make wise financial choices this week.

Mid-week, the Leo moon activates your communication sector, and now that we’re working our way out of the post-shadow period of Mercury retrograde, you’re in the mood to be seen, heard, and celebrated. It’s an ideal time to take part in an open mic night, or to have a spontaneous karaoke date with your friends. The more you let your creative side emerge this week, the happier you’ll feel.

Use this weekend’s Virgo moon to be honest with yourself about ways your insecurities may be holding you back from going after what or who you truly want.

Cancer Sun & Rising:

Cancer, how are you feeling after last week’s Taurus new moon? Since you’re ruled by the moon, you’re extra stimulated by this sensation of a grounded fresh start. The moon’s in your sign as the week begins, so the more time you spend in nature, quieting the outside world, the better. You’ve been going through way more than people realize, and it’s essential that you take part in restorative activities that ease your nervous system.

Once the moon shifts into Leo on Wednesday, your focus turns to your financial wellness. You may have been playing it safe at work during Mercury’s retrograde through Taurus, and that might have been a smart choice, especially during the tumultuous eclipse season. But now that Mercury is direct and Jupiter is in Taurus, you’d benefit from boldly shooting your shot in your professional endeavors and taking more leaps of faith. This weekend’s Virgo moon can help you plot the right strategy — take it step by step, but stay committed to your long-term goals.

Leo Sun & Rising:

Leo, now that Mars, the planet of action, is in your sign for the next six weeks, you’re feeling an extra kick in your step. Your magnetism is through the roof, so whatever you’ve been meaning to ask for is likely to come to you with greater ease, be it a promotion at work, or more clarity in your friendships or relationships.

The Cancer moon Monday through Wednesday helps you tune into your spiritual and emotional needs, and then, once the moon joins Mars in your sign on Wednesday, you’ll have the courage to vocalize them. Just make sure that you’re not letting your stubborn streak take the lead when communicating with others this week, Leo. Speak as though your tongue were coated with honey.

If you haven’t yet set your Taurus new moon intentions, take time to do so this weekend, under the Virgo moon. Your sector of values and self-esteem will be activated by this transit, helping you better discern what your priorities are for the next six months. Focus on sustainable growth.

Virgo Sun & Rising:

Virgo, this week you’ll feel like you can finally catch your breath. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is in your fellow Earth sign Taurus, activating your sector of travel, expansion, education, and media. You may be ready for a fresh start in your life, either through relocating somewhere or taking on a new course of study. The recent Taurus new moon will help open up doors for you these next six months, and if you stay committed to the course, your life will radically change by November 2023. Use the Cancer moon on Monday and Wednesday to visualize yourself living a life that feels spiritually and financially fulfilling.

Mars, the planet of action, spends its first week in Leo, and this activates your sector of spirituality and healing. In what ways have you been shying away from the limelight or playing it safe at work? Mars in Leo will help you nurse your wounds when it comes to being seen and publicly celebrated. You may receive an exciting opportunity to take center stage within the next six weeks. Use this week to already practice being front and center, even if at first it makes you uncomfortable. The moon’s presence in your sign this weekend can help you hype yourself up!

Libra Sun & Rising:

Libra, now that Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is in Taurus, your sector of intimacy, depth, and outside resources is activated until May 2024. Last week’s Taurus new moon also highlighted those themes in your life, making this an ideal week for looking into grants, funding, scholarships, and other forms of external aid to help you grow your businesses or secure your creative future. The main challenge with Jupiter in Taurus is that it’s asking you to be more practical, which means weeding out the distractions. You’ll only get as far as you allow yourself to, Libra.

Wednesday through Friday, the Leo moon activates your friendship sector, and Mars’ presence in Leo these next six weeks will do the same. Hit up your friends and plan a spontaneous outing for this week — you’ll benefit from letting go of your worries and letting yourself have fun without overthinking things. This transit will also help you see which friends you can count on, and which friends only remain around you because of what you have to offer. Be more discerning of who’s in your orbit.

Scorpio Sun & Rising:

Scorpio, Jupiter’s recent shift into Taurus is helping you get more clear about what your intentions are these next six months. When you combine this energy with the recent Taurus new moon and your planetary Mars’ new position in Leo, you’re feeling driven, ambitious, and powerful.

You may also be more stubborn, temperamental, and bossy under all this fixed sign energy, especially since the South Node, a symbol of our karmic past, remains in your sign until mid-July. This week will feel quite passionate, but you should pace yourself as you move through it. The moon’s presence in Cancer Monday through Wednesday will help you slow your roll and make sure you’re spiritually aligned with your objectives.

Once the moon enters Leo Wednesday, you may reach a milestone in your career. You’ve been on a roll professionally, but a part of you may be subconsciously humbling yourself because you don’t want to come off as a bragger. But you deserve all this recognition, Scorpio. Stop pushing away what’s your divine birthright. Use the Virgo moon this weekend to treat yourself to self-care rituals that remind you of your worth, even beyond professional accomplishments.

Sagittarius Sun & Rising:

Sag, how are you feeling now that your planetary ruler, Jupiter, has entered Taurus for the next 12 months? While Taurus energy tends to throw you out of your comfort zone, Mars’ new position in Leo will light a fire under you, helping you remain optimistic even in the face of challenges or roadblocks. The Cancer moon on Monday through Wednesday helps you create a wealth-building plan for the next six months — focus on the emotional security that you want to feel first, as this will help you find creative ways to manifest financial security.

Mid-week, the Leo moon activates your sector of travel, adventure, and media. If you’ve been wanting to pursue acting or public speaking, take time to research opportunities Wednesday through Friday, as the energy of the Taurus new moon is still coursing through the cosmos, encouraging you to shoot your shot with intention and precision. There’s no need to apply to an abundance of opportunities at once. Instead, narrow your search to the top two or three options that speak to you most.

Adopting the mantra “less is more” will better help you reach your goals, especially this weekend, once the moon enters the serious and disciplined sign of Virgo. Be like Beyoncé and do everything with intention.

Capricorn Sun & Rising:

As the week begins, Capricorn, the Cancer moon and Venus in Cancer both activate your sector of partnership and marriage. As much as you may want to focus on work or practical aspects of life, love and intimacy will be on your mind. This is a good thing, mountain goat. You have been known for distracting yourself using work or responsibilities, but the cosmos wants you to be taken care of as much as, if not more than, you take care of others. What would it feel like to surrender to being divinely supported and cared for?

Mars, the planet of action, is now in Leo, and this brings more attention to your sector of intimacy and outside resources. Your ability to attract outside funding and support is heightened under this transit, making it an ideal time to do research on investors to get in touch with, or which grants to apply to.

You may also attract an ideal creative collaborator this week due to the energy of the Taurus new moon still going strong. Take your time evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the potential collaboration, using this weekend’s Virgo moon as a discerning lens.

Aquarius Sun & Rising:

Aquarius, now that Mars, the planet of action, is in your opposite sign of Leo for the next six weeks, you’re feeling more passionate about relationships, and this may be surprising — not only to you but to everyone around you. You’re in the mood to be swept off your feet, especially since Saturn, your planetary ruler, is in the sensitive sign of Pisces until 2026. The key is to accept the mushy-gushy parts of your nature instead of side-eying them.

The Sun is finally in a fellow Air sign again, so this first week of Gemini Season will feel light, carefree, and breezy for you. Say yes to going to a comedy show, or host one of your own, especially Wednesday through Friday when the moon will be in the media-oriented sign of Leo.

Just be aware that once you get out of hermit mode, people will be drawn to you like bees to honey due to your partnership sector being lit up by Mars in Leo. Accept your irresistible nature, Aquarius. You’re not as indifferent or cold as you initially come off. Show the world who you really are.

Pisces Sun & Rising:

Pisces, Pisces, Pisces. You’re feeling more centered and at peace now that your planetary ruler Jupiter is in the grounded sign of Taurus for the next twelve months. Your humanitarian side is likely to emerge during this transit, and as the week begins, the moon and Venus’ combined presence in Cancer helps soften your approach to creation, communication, and love. Let yourself be as sensitive and vulnerable as you want to be — you’ll attract the right friends and lovers as a result of doing so.

Mars spends its first full week in Leo, activating your sector of health, service, and wellness. This energy could contradict the softer vibes of Venus in Cancer, and it could initially feel more jarring than Mars’ most recent transit through Cancer. Be aware of times when you’re overworking yourself to prove a point to your peers or your boss. Is all that extra effort really necessary, or are you doing the most again?

Use this weekend’s Virgo moon to check in with a trusted friend or counselor who can help you see ways where you’ve overextended yourself in the name of love, work, or family. There’s no need to do so much, Pisces. You are more than enough just as you are.

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